Light Wind Windsurfing: Board Options

Light Wind Windsurfing: Board Options

Don't let light wind keep you out of the water! Especially since we've got a huge variety of light wind boards here at Wind-NC! From windSUPs to smaller pure wave windsurfing boards, many boards can be used when the conditions are less than stellar. Here is some information that may buy you some extra time out there!!

The low-down:

RRD WindSUP V1 is a classic board made with a modern outline. It is fun for the whole family and will allow you to ride even the smallest of waves in the lightest wind. The V1 will be good all-arounder for wave sailing, lake sailing, and stand up paddle surfing. 

RRD Windsurf Windsup Action

AHD Sealion 8'3" is another great light wind ripper. This board delivers super speed in a very compact outline. It will pump to plane really quick and allow you to rip like you were on your short board in not so perfect conditions. 

AHD SeaLion Action Windsurf

Starboard WindSUP ASAP is a wave catching machine. This board will have great upwind ability and can catch just about any wave. This is the cruisy longboard of wave sailing and SUP, but get back on the tail and you can throw it around pretty well!   

Starboard windsup windsurf action

  Tabou 9'0 SupaSurf is a more aggressive surf style SUP granting amazing fun. This board turns on a dime and will allow you to push yourself to the limit, especially when the waves get a bit heavier. 

Goya Custom Quad is a full on, in the straps, top to bottom wave board. Requiring a bit more powerful of a wave than the others, this board will excel when the conditions start to go off.  

Goya Custom Quad Windsurf Action

We have almost all of this equipment available in our rental fleet, too- so if you make it to Hatteras, come grab a board for the afternoon, get out there, and have some fun!