Video: The Windsurf Project heads to Skeleton Bay, Namibia

If you're hoping to avoid Windsurfing Wanderlust, do yourself a favor and DON'T WATCH the video below.  Four of the world's best windsurfers go off the beaten path and explore one of the heaviest and longest barrels on earth:  Namibia's Skeleton Bay!

Google Maps view of Skeleton Bay, Namibia

A quick search of Google Maps (which looks like it is purposefully marked incorrectly) shows that the bay is probably not too far north of the famed speed sailing trench in Luderitz, where they get tons of days with 30 to 40 knot winds.  And we've all seen the mind boggling Skeleton Bay surf footage showing endless barrels, reeling down the beach for more than a km... 

But is it actually windsurfable?  Will it all line up on the right day?  Watch The Windsurf Project's second movie below to see how their trip turns out!  Thomas Traversa, Camille Juban, Flo Jung, and Leon Jammer explore Namibia, filmed by the award winning Jamie Hancock, Julien Robinet, and Pierre Bouras.

The Windsurf Project - Project Two - Skeleton Bay from The Windsurf Project on Vimeo.