Windsurfing Harness Line Length (Video)

We get asked about harness line length all the time.  While there are some general guidelines, when it all boils down to it, harness line length is a personal preference and some experimentation will allow you to find your perfect setup!

Basically, going with a longer line length will allow the rig to stay further away from you.  This is good for a few reasons-

  1.  The rig will stay more upright, instead of getting pulled over top of you and leaning to windward as you hike out.  This offers more sail area to the wind, making your sail more efficient and powerful in light winds.
  2.  Your body will be further away from the rig, giving you more leverage to hold down an overpowered sail in high winds.
  3.  Your body will be further away from the rig, allowing both you and the rig to move more freely and independently from one another.

Using a shorter line length allows for a more upright sailor stance, and potentially less muscle and tendon fatigue when everything is tuned and well balanced.

As an example, Wind-NC's Andy is 5'10" (178cm) tall and usually uses the following length lines (most people who hop on his rig find them to be a touch long at first)

  • 30" fixed lines with wave, freestyle, and bump and jump equipment.
  • 26-28" lines while foiling.
  • 28-32" lines with slalom equipment.

 If you know what length line you like, Fixed Harness Lines are clean, easy, and super light.  If you don't know what length you like, or if you share booms with other people, Adjustable Length Harness Lines are probably the way to go.

Check out our video on Harness Line Length below, and let us know what length lines you like and why by commenting at the bottom of this page!