2018 Goya Custom Quad Windsurfing Board Review

We had a chance to try out the 2018 Goya Custom Quad this past fall and WOW!!  Let me tell you, this new version of the board is just awesome!  (Big Thanks to the REEFWARRIORS for the visit!!)

The Custom Quad has been one of Goya's best selling boards for years now.  It has always had a flatter rocker than most any other quad on the market, allowing it to plane up just as early as most freestyle wave boards, but somehow they've always been able to keep the radical maneuverability that a hardcore wave board deserves to have.  Not an easy task!  Suffice to say, the blend of early planing, speed, smoothness in chop, AND insane turning capability has allowed the Goya Quad to have broad appeal-  Not only do the hardcore wave purists love the board, but flat water bump and jumpers have found it to be an excellent performer as well.

The 2018 model is a big step forward from the 2016/17 shapes-  They've actually made the board a touch narrower this year (bucking the trend) and kept the volume by thickening up the deck near the mast track.  The tail is still quite thin and narrow due to a dramatic pull in of the outline at the back foot.  The nose is also lower volume and narrower this year, reducing swing weight and making the board feel lighter and livelier.

As far as bottom shape goes-  there is a fair amount of it!  This is far from a flat bottomed board, including double concave on vee from the nose back to the front strap, then transitioning to a double concave set into an overall concave out through the tail.  This allows the board to possess a few different characteristics-  Mast track forward and an upright stance makes the board super smooth handling in the gnarliest of conditions- great for bump and jumpers looking for control when it gets big out there.  Mast track back gives the board the ultimate in lively responsive snappiness, keeping even the most seasoned pros on their toes when they're drawing lines on a wave face.



Quite simply, this is a PRO LEVEL wave board, that is easy and smooth enough to sail that it allows mere mortals to have fun with it while just blasting around on a lake or in the bay.  Unbelievable!

If you're thinking about upgrading to a 2018 Goya Quad, keep in mind that you can run higher volumes than you're used to and still have plenty of control for the big days with small sails.  So, if you used to use an 85 liter bump and jump board, go with the 94 Custom Quad.  You'll cover the same wind and sail ranges, but have an easier time floating through the lulls and planing up extra fast, all while blowing your mind with how turny and maneuverable the larger 94 liter board is.  Again, Unbelievable!


Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Weight (kg) Sail Range Tail
68 216 52.3 32.8 5.7 2.7 - 4.7 Swallow
74 218 53.4 33.3 5.9 3.0 - 5.0 Swallow
79 220 54.4 33.4 6.1 3.0 - 5.3 Swallow
84 223 56 34.7 6.3 3.4 - 5.5 Swallow
89 224 56.3 35.3 6.5 3.7 - 5.7 Swallow
94 226 59 36.3 6.7 4.0 - 5.7 Swallow
104 228 60.3 36.7 7 4.2 - 6.0 Squash
118 230 62.5 39.3 7.2 4.5 - 6.3 Squash


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(smaller sizes available upon request)