Goya Super Skinny Carbon Windsurfing Boom

When windsurfing, comfort is key. It is important to have a rig that suits not only the conditions, but your personal preference as well. You can stay out longer and keep that smile on your face! If you are on the lookout for something new and exciting, then we've got something you may be interested in...the Goya Super Skinny Carbon Boom!! Now, we are talking skinny. This thing has a 24.5 mm grip diameter!  

Don't be fooled by it's smaller appearance, the Goya Super Skinny is a full carbon boom, with monocoque construction, and a fully articulating head. Not only is this boom SUPER light and SUPER stiff, it also has a padded tail piece and absolute length markings. Easy grip and control for an efficient use of energy!  

Check out this video for a closer look, then buy your own at the bottom of this page:




  • Super Skinny 24.5mm Grip Diameter
  • RDM/SDM compatible
  • Monocoque Front End
  • Twin Pin Adjustment Clips
  • Loop and Go Outhaul Cleat
  • Articulating Head
Available Sizes:
  • 130-180cm
  • 140-190cm
  • 150-200cm

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