Goya One 3 Pro 2020 (Thruster)


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All New!

Our First Ride on the 2020 Goya One3 86:



The All New 2020 Goya One is a touch skinnier and more parallel in the outline than earlier versions.  Still with a nice double concave in the hull, it is super smooth through chop, easy to control, and just a blast to sail!  The board accelerates smoothly and easily, rockets upwind, and has an adrenaline inducing top speed- and since you're in control, you can keep the pedal to the metal (so to speak). 

Fret not, wave lovers- the board still holds a rail in the turns and won't let you down when attacking the lip!  The Goya One is a great choice for side on waves, tons of current, wind shadows, or any other "Non-Maui" real world wave sailing spots where acceleration and speed are key to getting off the beach in one piece.  Of course, a dedicated wave board (such as the Custom Thruster or Quad) will allow tighter and snappier turns, but the One 3 will get you out there with ease, upwind in a snap, and picking off waves left and right.

The One 3 is a great choice for anyone looking for an all around medium to high wind board- Perfect for bump and jump, wave sailing, and even the occasional freestyle move, it is smooth enough to sail for hours on end without destroying your ankles and knees, all the while remaining exciting and responsive enough to keep the most seasoned expert grinning from ear to ear!


Manufacturer's Info:

One 3 Pro

Freewave Thruster

The all new One 3 Pro has evolved into a progressive Freewave sailing board, with more parallel outlines, drawing from modern surfboards, while maintaining the overarching concept of being one board for Wave, Freestyle and Freeride.

The new parallel outlines improve agility and comfort on longer, choppy runs, while the resulting added tail area improves stability, early planing and comfort. All sizes now come with a swallow tail. A slightly lower entry rocker allows the board to naturally glide into a plane. The volume in the new One 3 Pro is more equally distributed along the board’s profile, to create a more stable and evenly planing hull. Incorporating a shallower V and double concave into its bottom shape increases acceleration and planing surface. All sizes are now available with Mini Tuttle side fins and Power Box center fin, for their lightness, simplicity of use, and effective compatibility with larger fins sizes.

Pro Carbon Monocoque Construction. Available in 85, 95, 105, 115 liters.
Neon red & blue on metallic red.
Powerbox center and Mini Tuttle side finboxes.


 Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Weight (kg) Rec Sail Tail Fins
86 228.6 57 36.4 6.2 3.7 - 5.5 Swallow MFC TF RTM Black 19 PB, RTM Black 10 MT, 2 MT Covers
95 228.8 59.4 38.7 6.6 4.2 - 6.0 Swallow MFC FW G10 21 PB, RTM Black 10 MT, 2 MT Covers
105 231.8 62.4 40.8 7 4.5 - 6.5 Swallow MFC FW G10 23 PB, RTM Black 11 MT, 2 MT Covers
115 233.5 64.9 42.3 7.2 4.7 - 7.0 Swallow MFC FW G10 25 PB, RTM Black 11 MT, 2 MT Covers

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