Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018

There isn't enough coffee in the world to get us through today's shipping frenzy (since you guys bought so much yesterday- THANK YOU!)...  So, getting the website back to normal pricing has taken the back burner for the moment!  Keen shoppers will take advantage of our inability to multi task, and get an extra day of sale pricing!  Enjoy!

Just $779!!!
Naish Thrust Windsurf Foil Just $779!


Back to the grind after an excellent Thanksgiving break?  Could there be a better way to ease back into the work week than by shopping windsurfing gear while your boss isn't looking??  Check these insane deals out- we have brand new Tabou boards marked down to just $1100, foils starting at just $779, and even some incredible used gear at blowout pricing!   Limited quantities available, so ACT FAST! 


Goya Volar Pro Carbon 115 $1399 Today Only

Goya Volar Pro Carbon 115 Just $1,399!


Tabou Rocket Wide 100 or 120 Just $1,099 Today Only!!
Tabou Rocket Wide 100 or 120 Just $1,099!
Tabou 3S 86 just $1,099 Today Only!!
Tabou 3S 86 Just $1,099!


On top of our already ridiculously low prices, AND Reward Points Program, we also have an...

Extra Offer: 

Try this Coupon Code (in red below):


Enter this code at checkout to take 10% off any order of 5 or more items!  Load up that cart and save!


So click around and get some gear before it's all gone!

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