Goya Mark 2 Pro (Cams) 2020/21

Goya Mark 2 Pro (Cams) 2020/21

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The Mark 2 combines the stability and speed of a race sail with the power, drive, and easy handling of a free ride sail!  This is a twin cam POWERHOUSE of a freerace windsurfing sail- delivering tons of stability and massive low end grunt!  Six battens and two cams, along with an inset clew, provide the framework for a light weight and easy rotation.  RDM and SDM compatible in all sizes.  Equally fun on freeride boards, slalom boards, and foils!  Sheet in and GO!

The Mark2 is designed to be rigged as a "normal" size sail- unlike many other cambered race sails that only come alive when being sailed ridiculously overpowered, the Mark2 performs perfectly under regular conditions!



More Info:

2 Cam performance Freerace. RDM/SDM compatible on all sizes.

Mark 2 Pro offers white knuckle cam sail speed and cam sail stability without needing to rig “oversized”. You can enjoy the blistering speed and range of the sail without feeling like you are wrestling a dinosaur. Mark 2 Pro is best rigged in range, meaning not oversized. The design is cut to be super powerful, with the idea being to ride this sail as small as you can for the board you have. This means your sail is easier to handle because it’s smaller, there is greater efficiency overall and also less energy spent handling through maneuvers and transitions.

Goya Mark 2 Freerace Windsurf Sail

The Mark 2 Pro is highly interactive, it can set a line and blaze, but it also likes quick changes of direction, upwind, deep off the wind, speed lines and carving turns. A high-performance sail based on flat out racing designs and specifically developed to perform on Hydrofoil and Slalom boards alike. Designed with real world racing and foiling in mind, it pairs best with the Proton Pro.

The Mark 2 Pro brings a combination of excellent top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, superior control and stability to performance minded riders.

Pro Construction, Monofilm, Bi-Ply & Scrim.

Available in 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.2, 7.8, 8.5, 9.5 square meters.

Available in neon yellow & fuchsia.

Goya Mark 2 Freerace Windsurf Sail Jibing


Pro Monofilm

Monofilm Window Panels. Monofilm offers crystal clear optics, light weight and a crisp direct feel.

Monofilm Body Panels. The new colored monofilm panels mirror the crispness of the window, as well as it’s lightness.

X-Ply Luff Panels. Delivering just the right blend between elasticity needed for a luff panel and crispness needed for a sail that’s supposed to go extra fast and extra stable.

Features. Carbon Stretch Control, Titanium Clew Ring, Rip Stop Sleeve and a Molded Tack Fairing round off the peak quality package. Sleeve cut treatments as well as tack and foot reinforcements are now folded to increase durability and prevent edge fraying. A wide upper leech Marker reinforcement prevents breakdown of the leech in strong wind conditions such as Pozo, the Gorge and Omaezaki.

 Mark 2 Sail Specs:

Size Boom (cm) Luff (cm) Mast (cm) Sleeve Top Battens Cams
5.4 182 408 400 RDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM
5.8 185 420 400 RDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM
6.2 189 435 430 RDM or SDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM
6.6 193 450 430 RDM or SDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM
7.2 202 467 460 RDM or SDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM
7.8 214 478 460 RDM or SDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM
8.5 224 497 490 RDM or SDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM
9.5 240 514 490 RDM or SDM Fixed 6 2, RDM & SDM


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