Tabou 3S Classic LTD 97- REPAIRED
Tabou 3S Classic LTD 97- REPAIRED

Tabou 3S Classic LTD 97- REPAIRED

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This Tabou 3S was banged around in shipping and ended up with a crushed rail.  The board has been professionally repaired by the legendary Donny Bowers and is watertight (never been in the water) and ready to go. Check out the product photos to see the board.  

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Tabou 3S 2021 Action

The Tabou 3S Classic is an incredibly fun board to sail- It is crazy smooth in chop due to the big double concave up front, yet fast to plane and with a high top speed too!  A flat tail rocker combined with cutouts around the fin allows for effortless acceleration and blistering top speed in a straight line.  But the real treat is apparent as soon as you set the board on it's rail-  it easily hooks into the turns and jibes like a dream!

Run it with four outboard foot straps for classic blasting sessions and bigger sails, or switch over to an inboard three strap setup for bump and jump and waves!

Tabou 3S Classic 2021 TEAM Deck

There are two constructions available: Team Edition and LTD.  The Team Edition utilizes a full carbon wrap over double PVC sandwich- this high end construction is super light and ultra stiff, providing the ultimate in response and feel.  If you want the best you can get, get the Team Edition!

The LTD Version utilizes a fiberglass wrap over double PVC sandwich, still light and stiff but at a price that's nice!  The LTD versions weigh about 0.5kg more than the Team edition, so you're gaining about a pound but spending about 12% less...  So if you're stressing the dollar amount, go ahead and get the LTD- it offers incredible bang for the buck!

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Every windsurfer, who enjoys riding a lively but still easy to use board, will love the 3S Classic. A traditional, longer outline is combined with a very forgiving rocker line, which gets you planing early and with less power in the sail than expected. With its longer shape the 3S Classic offers magnificent control in chop as well as gusts and in combination with the impressive low-end planing potential provides a huge wind range. Thanks to the double step cut-out in the tail section carving through jibes and even riding smaller waves becomes as joyful and easy as ever.





Tabou 3S Classic 2021 Action

Tabou 3S Classic 2021 SPECS:

Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight TEAM (kg) Weight LTD (kg) Fin Box Fin Sail Range
97 236 61 6.5 6.8 Powerbox FR 28 4.2 - 6.6
107 236 64.5 6.7 7.0 Powerbox FR 32 4.5 - 7.0
117 236 66 7.1 7.4 Powerbox FR 34 4.7 - 7.4
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