Windsurf Foiling on the 2020 Goya Bolt Freerace Windsurf Board

Foil Ready Windsurf Boards

The allure of windsurf foiling is strong......  But you LOVE regular windsurfing, and aren't sure if you'll get hooked on foiling...  What to do?  Get a Foil Ready Windsurfing Board! These are primarily super high end, well built, and purposefully crafted windsurf boards, with dimensions that are reasonably suited for foiling.  These are great options if you plan to use the same board for regular windsurfing AND foiling, depending on the conditions or your desires for the day.

As with anything in life, there are some trade-offs to consider-  Full fledged foilboards will likely take off a bit earlier, and maybe allow you to drive upwind harder (if you're looking for a racy feel).  A pure foilboard might feel more balanced as well.  This all depends on which foil you're using and how perfectly dialed in you want the kit to feel.  The downfall to pure foilboards, though, is that they're generally not very fun to use in regular windsurf mode...  So if you don't get bitten by the foiling bug, you're stuck!

The Goya Bolt is a carbon built, super light speedster with a built in Deep Tuttle Foil Box, so it can cross over to foiling, too!  Fast and furious, it planes early and accelerates up to 5th gear in the bat of an eye.  Still smooth enough to handle chop and build confidence, the Bolt is the freeracer's dream!  FreeRace Boards are basically one step down from pure slalom-  they're super fast boards, but comfortable enough to sail all day long with a broad variety of sail types.  This is your board if you love to drag race your buddies, and lay down full speed, committed jibes! 

The Goya Proton is a full carbon beast of a racing machine- blending insane top speeds with reasonable comfort and control (you can't be fast if you're blowing up all the time!).  Light and stiff, and the largest two sizes are built with Foil Ready Deep Tuttle boxes, so they can double as a windsurf foil board!  These are no-compromise boards built for PWA racers- that's right, you can sail the exact same boards that the pros do!  These are designed to be sailed overpowered, all the time, although sometimes the largest sizes will work reasonably well in pump to plane conditions.  These are pretty high strung boards that require full concentration to sail- great for races and relatively short and furious sessions on the water!

There are also a number of WindSUPs that have foil boxes in them- these boards are truly "Jack of All Trades!"  You can SUP them, Windsurf them, AND Foil them with paddle or sail power!  Amazing!  Check out the Slingshot Flyer if you love to do long distance SUP paddle tours on flat water, and want a super stable platform for easy wind foiling.  This board is also great for downwind SUP and downwind SUP foiling!  And check out the Naish Hover SUP Crossover if waves are your game-  the Hover is a performance SUP that is a fast surfer- great for small knee high waves all the way up to overhead crumblers!  Add the ability to windsurf it, AND foil it, and you have a board that will keep you in the water EVERY DAY at your local break!

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