Jibing the 2020 Goya Bolt Windsurfing Board

Freeride Windsurf Boards

Ready, Set, GO!  Your Freeride board is your Go-To Board, getting tons of use, and inspiring fantastic sessions all year long!  These are the workhorses of your quiver, always bringing a smile to your face and getting the blood pumping!  These are the boards that you jump on as soon as you see a whitecap forming- early planing, fast boards that will hold your biggest sail, and jibe like a dream!


FreeRace Boards are basically one step down from pure slalom-  they're super fast boards, but comfortable enough to sail all day long with a broad variety of sail types.  This is your board if you love to drag race your buddies, and lay down full speed, committed jibes! 

The Goya Bolt is a carbon built, super light speedster with a built in Deep Tuttle Foil Box, so it can cross over to foiling, too!  Fast and furious, it planes early and accelerates up to 5th gear in the bat of an eye.  Still smooth enough to handle chop and build confidence, the Bolt is the freeracer's dream!

The Tabou Rocket Wide fits into two categories- FreeRace and Wide FreeRide.  It has a blazingly fast top speed, but is surprisingly smooth and comfortable to sail.  The extra width helps it plane up super early, and gives it a huge sail range, but the thin volume flow allows you to sail in control and maintain leverage over the fin and rails.

Wide Freeride

This relatively new class of boards is quickly taking over the freeride market!  Designers are essentially taking their freeride boards and squashing them like a pancake- making them wider and thinner.  This is an over simplification, but you basically end up with a board that planes crazy early, can handle a huge range of sails, and carves beautifully through jibes!

The Goya Volar comes in multiple constructions and sizes, from 105 up to 160 liters.  They morph from small to large, but they all have insane grip in the turns and carve amazing jibes!  They also handle rough water with ease, being super smooth in the chop.  The Tabou Rocket Wide is another great choice, decidedly more speed biased, easily taking on the fastest Freerace boards, while maintaining the smooth jibing and control that a Wide Freeride should have!

Classic Freeride

Classic freeride boards have a bit more length, and run a bit narrower than the Wide Freerides.  They tend to be really forgiving in chop and easy to sail over a broad range of conditions.  Fast and fun, hop on and GO!

The Goya Carrera matches a flat, fast rocker with slightly narrower widths and slightly tucked rails, making for a fast freeride board that carves turns like crazy!  Jibe jibe jibe, lay it on the rail and push as hard as you want, the Carrera will respond beautifully!

The Tabou Rocket has DEFINED the Classic Freeride category for years and years- fast and fun, most everyone jumps on the Rocket and feels at home instantly!  Effortless acceleration and super smooth handling in rough water make this board a dream to sail!

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