Freeride Sails

Freeride Sails

Freeride Sails are the workhorses of your sail quiver!  These are the sails that you rig as soon as you see a white cap-  Powerful, Fast, Fun, and Easy to Use.  You'll match these sails up with your freeride/freerace/slalom board, hook in, sheet in, and go for a rip!

Freeride sails will usually have between 5 and 7 (sometimes hollow tube) battens, and up to two cams.  A low cut foot, and deep powerful profile completes the program.  You can expect a good amount of low end power to get you up and running, fantastic stability, and tons of control when overpowered.  Most freeride sails are built in the 5.5 - 9.0 size range, covering a huge range of wind speeds and board sizes.

The Goya Mark-2 is their raciest sail- a twin cam powerhouse built to provide gobs of power and get up and go.  The two cams add a ton of stability, allowing you to carry this free-race sail into the "overpowered" range with ease, or trust it to provide the juice you need in light conditions as well!  This sail matches up best with free-race and slalom boards, but can be put on freeride boards with great success as well.

The Goya Mark is the cam free version of their free race sail- offering easy rigging and a surprising amount of power and stability out of it's 6 batten skeleton.  The go-to sail for most freeriders who are looking for speed and power in a super easy to use package!  This sail matches up best with freeride and free race boards, and can be used on pure slalom boards with decent results as well.

Somewhat similar in design intent is the Sailworks Retro- a timeless cam-free sail with gobs of tunable power and incredible stability!  Easy rigging, easy handling, light weight, solid construction, and...  FAST!  Match the Retro up with your freeride, slalom, and even bump and jump boards for instant freeriding fun!  We do Sailworks by special order so please reach out if you're interested.

The Goya Nexus is a 5 batten, maneuverable freeride sail, perfect for bump and jump and blasting back and forth with a few slashy turns thrown in the mix!  It sports a slightly higher cut foot than the Mark, and isn't quite so locked in, allowing you to throw it around a bit easier.  The Nexus matches up great with maneuverable freeride boards, freestyle wave boards, or even larger pure wave boards for blasting around and occasional wave sailing!

Not sure which sail is best for you?  Contact Us- we're here to help!