Freestyle Wave Boards are your Go-To sticks for any medium to high wind day at your local spot!  Classically referred to as Bump and Jump, generally speaking, a board classified as "FSW" will have a wave board's outline, but a flatter rocker and fuller volume flow.  This allows the FSW to plane up as and be as fast as a Freeride board, but still turn like a wave board!  Choose a FSW if you only find yourself at a wave break a few times a year (or never), but want a board that is still super maneuverable and fun to sail when the wind gets strong on the lake/river.

The Goya One offers a smooth but responsive ride and excels in any water state- Fast and Fun, the Goya will keep a smile on your face from the moment you step on it!  Feeling a bit like a super easy and rangy wave board, you can jump high and crank really hard turns! 

The Quatro Power turns like a dream and offers pure wave board performance when on rail, but on a much more stable and easy going platform!  Super easy to control in wild conditions, the Power will allow you to sail hard and have fun!  Choose the Power for "Wanna-Be" wave sailors:  you'll improve quickly and gain tons of confidence in the wave break!

We have also included the Quatro Super Mini and the Mono here, because they are great choices for Bump and Jump as well!  The Super Mini feels more like a skate board and is super playful.  The Mono will appeal to the "Old School" sailors who like to rig big and go fast on their narrow tail wave boards!

The Tabou 3S is another super popular board in the Freestyle Wave Range-  It is well known for it's fast speed and fun feel!  The 3S is the best choice if you think you'll ever be running a four strap configuration with bigger fins, yet it still remains loose and playful with a three strap setup!