FAST 91% Skinny


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The Nolimitz F.A.S.T. is the solution for sailors looking for maximum freeride performance on their larger sails without switching to a regular diameter mast. In order to achieve the stiffness of an SDM in these longer sizes, we use a blend of standard and high modulus materials. This helps us get the stiffness needed while not taking a weight penalty.

If you are looking to take your freeride & race sailing to the next level, contact your local retail shop about trying a NoLimitz F.A.S.T. This mast is really catching on, and you will not be disappointed!

Length (cm) IMCS Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Bend
460 27 2 5 65 / 76
490 30 2.3 5.4 63.5 / 77.5

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