Sumo 91% Skinny Mast


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The Sumo is slightly stiffer (approximately 1 point MCS) than our “Original” line of Skinnies and is very popular with hardcore riders and those who simply prefer the feel of a stiffer mast. Wave sailors and hardcore freestylers tend to prefer this mast due to its “super bomber” construction. By utilizing a variety of composite materials (a blend of the Original and the FAST) we managed to add stiffness to the Sumo line with very little weight penalty over the Original Skinnies.

Sizes available (cm) – 370, 400, 430, 460

Outer composite layer may be Silver Texillium or Grey Glass depending on availability. Both materials have the same bend curve and weight for identical on the water performance.

91% Carbon, Made In The USA! Available in Halves too!

Size IMCS Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Bend
370 16 1.6 3.7 64 / 78.5
400 19 1.8 4 64.5 / 77
430 22 2.1 4.6 64.5 / 77
460 27 2.3 5.1 64.5 / 76.5

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