Naish Lift Foil Sail 2020


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The Naish Lift is a super light, soft, and powerful sail that is purpose built for windsurf foiling-  it has GOBS of power when you give it a few good pumps, yet it will go completely flat when you sheet out, so it is really easy to control the amount of power coming through the rig.  This is perfect for any sort of freeride or wave style windsurf foiling, where you want a super light and effortless rig that totally disappears when you want it to!

Bonus- the Dacron material is super durable and doesn't get destroyed by the sun as quickly as other sail materials out there, so your Naish Lift sail will be sure to hold up to tons of use :)

This sail is crazy powerful for it's size, so when combined with a big foil, you can generally use a pretty small size sail and still get flying really easily!

Manufacturer's Comments:


Windsurf Foiling

Sizes: 3.7, 4.7, 5.7, 6.4

Who is it for?
The LIFT sail is great for windsurfers of all skill levels who want a lightweight, easy-handling sail optimized for foiling.

What’s it do?
The LIFT delivers the earliest possible take-off and excellent control when flying due to its soft, luffable leading edge.

Why is it unique?
This sail is specifically engineered for riders to foil with the smallest size sail in the lightest wind.

What’s new?
The geometry has been fine-tuned to accommodate taller riders and wider boards.

The LIFT has been developed from the ground up as a dedicated all-around foiling sail and has numerous features that make it the perfect match for the Naish Windsurf foil set. The moderate aspect ratio and extremely low internal tension provide the power to quickly launch you onto the foil—even in light wind—while the soft leading edge makes control while foiling easy and intuitive.

For increased accessibility in 2020, the boom height cutout has been raised for taller users. Additionally, this change makes the LIFT more suitable for wider boards. The LIFT planform is optimized for foiling, featuring extra foot area due to the more upright rig position and a relatively long boom.


  • 3 + 1 Battens = Very responsive + luffable

  • Low Clew/Foot Profile = Uprighting riding position + close the gap
  • Medium Aspect Ratio = Great handling + wide range

  • Soft Leading Edge = Makes the sail luffable 


 Size Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Rec. Mast Printed Spec Head Battens Cams Weight (kg)
3.7 352 150 RDM 370 370 - 18 Vario 3 + 1/2 0 2.55
4.7 382 175 RDM 370 370 + 12 Vario 3 + 1/2 0 2.92
5.7 408 192 RDM 400 400 + 8 Vario 3 + 1/2 0 3.22
6.4 430 208 RDM 430 430 + 0 Vario 3 + 1/2 0 3.41

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