Epic Vario 95 Adjustable 3-Piece Travel Paddle

Black Project

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EPIC 3-Piece Travel 100% Carbon SUP Paddle

The EPIC 3-Piece 100% Carbon travel SUP paddle is our stand up paddle for those who love to travel with their paddle boards, but want to do so with a performance full carbon SUP paddle. Ideal for riders with an inflatable paddle board our carbon travel paddle is lightweight, strong and comes complete with a protective bag for easy transport and storage.

Black Project 3-Piece travel paddles feature our unique hexagonal join for a non-twist and snug fit. The precision join ensures zero movement and an efficient transfer of power. Ideal for riders who want a one-paddle-fits-all solution, the EPIC 3-Piece travel paddle comes with a Medium stiff full carbon shaft and a T handle as standard.

With 40cm (nearly 16 inches) of adjustment this is a paddle for all riders and all conditions. The 12k gloss carbon shaft improves grip thanks to our ‘bumpy’ finish. The full carbon high aspect blade features a CNC cut core and white ABS rail for added durability. The combination of the narrow blade and dihedral face eliminate flutter and promote a smooth and positive stroke from catch through to release.

At only 620 grams (under 22 ounces) the EPIC 3-Piece travel paddle is lighter than other travel paddles on the market. This is achieved in part thanks to the precision engineering of the ‘Hex’ join which enables us to use a lightweight alloy push pin to complete the join and allow for rapid assembly and stowage after use.

EPIC 3-Piece Carbon Travel Paddle at a Glance

  • 3-Piece construction with hexagonal precision anti-slip join
  • Full 12k carbon EPIC blade with WHITE ABS rail
  • Full 12k carbon adjustable shaft with double pin pressure clamp
  • Slim line Blade/Shaft connection for positive energy transfer and efficiency
  • Red T handle (Palm available on request)
  • Length: 170 – 230cm (67 – 90.5 inches)
  • Weight 620 grams (+/- 5%)
  • Bag Dimensions: 37″ x 10″ x 2.5″ (94cm x 25cm x 7cm)
  • Max Length: 34.5″ (87.5cm)

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