Windsurfer LT Longboard


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Are you ready??  Windsurfer One Design Racing, in the video above, is tactical, fast, fun, AND accessible!!

If you remember the simplicity, glide, and pure enjoyment of the Original Windsurfer, aka the "Good Old Days", then you know exactly what the Windsurfer LT is all about.  If you never experienced those sensations, well, you're in luck- because it's back!  The Windsurfer LT strives to bring back everything that we loved about those early windsurfing days (acceleration and glide in the lightest of puffs, maneuverability and responsiveness, go anywhere on any day, simplicity) with a few modern upgrades (lighter weight boards, retractable daggerboards that you DON'T have to throw over your shoulder when the wind picks up, modern mast tracks and UJs that won't slip out and whack your shins when uphauling, composite masts that don't weigh 8,000 pounds, and clamp on booms that stay firmly in one place, for example)!

So go ahead and hit the lake in the lightest of breezes, work on your rail rides, and enjoy the bagged out power of a full cloth triangle sail!

The Windsurfer LT is made in two versions- the One Design, and the Flat Deck.  The One Design is the racier of the two, with its jumbo daggerboard (the extra width of the daggerboard sticks up above the deck when it is retracted).  The Flat Deck uses a smaller, "recreational" daggerboard which fits snugly in the hull when retracted, with only the knob sticking up above the deck.

There are two rigs available, as well-  Both sizes are almost full cloth (dacron-like) with minimal battens.  These rigs are super lightweight, crazy powerful in the lightest of breezes, and extra responsive and maneuverable.  They are very old school- colorful triangle sails that will ignite your light wind sessions on the LT board!  The 5.7 is the One Design racing/freeride sail, and the 4.5 is designed with lightweights and kids in mind.

Board Specs:

  • Length:  366 cm
  • Width:  74 cm
  • Volume:  229 L
  • Weight:  15 kg

Manufacturer's Comments:



Back in the late 60’s, when Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer invented the original Windsurfer, windsurfing took off as a sport and within the late 70’s became the World’s quickest growing water activity. The Windsurfer LT emphasises the features and style that made windsurfing so popular, enabling old school freestyling, amazing glide in light wind and versatility that only a longboard can offer.

The Windsurfer LT gives you the tools to be part of the future and re-live memories of the past.



The new Windsurfer is floatier, faster, more stable and a huge step forward as the 50 year gap would indicate. It will help you rediscover the wonders of windsurfing through its focus on light and shifty winds. The Windsurfer LT brings back what made the sport accessible and exciting for most people, most places on most days.


The Windsurfer LT has a fully retractable daggerboard. The exceptional glide of the board together with the daggerboard makes it easy, stable and smooth to ride everywhere you want.


Our Starboard version sports the original windsurfer logo and showcases the Starboard, Drake and Schweitzer connection, solidifying the legendary position of our brand in the world of windsurfing.

“Be a part of the future and relive memories of the past.”

 Rider's Comments:

The WindSurfer LT is stable, glides particularly nice in light winds and shoots into planing mode with ease. With its daggerboard it goes upwind really well; tilt it a bit backwards and it can be handled in high-wind upwind. It freestyles with excellence and rail-rides are hereby back in trend.

I really enjoy sailing this board and see it as a way to get clubs around the world introducing a board which works for entry level sailing, with the plastic daggerboard, and club racing with the composite daggerboard.

Back in the days, the main campaign for the windsurfer was “DO IT STANDING UP” and this board even is good at stand up paddling.”

Svein Rasmussen, Starboard’s chief innovator


“The new Windsurf LT planes out much faster & easier than the old stock windsurfer. With the lighter design & increased volume, this is a very user-friendly board for the masses. With this type of board, this could be the key that is needed to give windsurfing its much-deserved comeback in light wind conditions!”

Matt Schweitzer – the living legend who´s father invented Windsurfing. Matt won his first World Championship Windsurfing title at the young age of 16 and is considered being one of the most historical and influential windsurfers all time.



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