Get on it!! Foiling is incredibly fun and engaging, even in just 10 knot winds!  These foil and board packages are purposefully bundled to offer easy to use, compatible products that will get you flying (and save you tons of dough)!

Foils and boards from different brands are not always compatible- the mounts can differ, and the ergonomics can be a bad match, forcing you into an uncomfortable sailing position.  Older boards are not always strong enough to hold up to the stresses that a foil will put on them, sometimes cracking the fin boxes or the decks.  So why risk it?  Grab one of these packages to help guarantee comfort, compatibility, and longevity of your equipment!

Beginner wind foilers and people in light wind locations should choose from the Levitator and Dialer packages-  The larger board volumes will help with carrying larger sails and will offer more stability as you get your feet underneath you.  Fret not- you won't outgrow these boards as your skills improve!

Intermediate and expert wind foilers, or people in higher wind locales, will enjoy the extra maneuverability offered by the Wizard board packages.  Choose the 125 for easy uphauling and the ability to still run some larger sails if you want to.  The 105 gets a bit trickier to uphaul (depending on your weight), but offers a really fun, super maneuverable ride!  The 103 Wizard is best left to super experts with lots of experience.

There is little difference between the 2018 and the 2019 Slingshot boards- so get on a 2018 and save huge (while supplies last)!

The 2018 Slingshot FWind1 Foil is really fun- reasonably stable, fast, and responsive!  It is an incredible deal and a great way to get into foiling without spending a crazy amount of dough!  The 2019 FWind has really stepped it up a notch, though- and offers a broader range of use, more stability, more speed, and more fun...  so if the extra dough isn't a big deal to you, then get the latest and greatest and reap the rewards of an extra year of R+D!

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