These boards are all built specifically for windsurf foiling!  If you want to optimize your foil rig and make sure that everything is well balanced and purpose built, look no further.  Not sure what to get?  Contact Us, we would love to help!

Dedicated foil boards tend to have short lengths, soft or beveled rails up front, super sharp 90° rails in the back, and really wide, thick tails.  This all lends to the ability to pump up on to the foil in the lightest of breezes with max acceleration, and easy "touch downs" if you happen to foil out or smack a wave crest while underway.  The geometry is also optimized for foiling, so your stance will feel perfectly balanced while up and flying, without having to tweak anything.

Check out the Slingshot Levitator/Dialer for beginners/heavyweights and super light wind locations, the Slingshot Wizard for intermediate to advanced foiling in light to strong wind locations, and the RRD H-Fire to match up best with race and fast freeride foils.  The Naish Hover is a dedicated board that matches up with the Naish Thrust foils perfectly and is well suited to light and medium wind locations and fun freeride foiling.


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