Windsurf Foiling

Windsurf Foiling

Get on it!!  Foiling is incredibly fun and engaging, even in just 10 knot winds!

We carry lots of brands, like Slingshot, Naish, AFS, MFC, Neil Pryde, and more.  They're all a bit different, so let us know if you need a hand figuring out which foil is best for you. We have tons of personal experience and are here to help!

Just like with regular windsurf gear- some foils are built for speed, others are built for freestyle, playful maneuverability, waves, light wind, high wind...  etc etc!  So it is a good idea to think about how you like to sail and what your local spot looks like with just 10-20 knots of wind.  You will also want to think about matching up your boards and sails to help guarantee compatibility and comfort on the water. 

If you don't know where to start, read our foil guide (linked below) and/or Contact Us so that we can help get you out there on the gear that will work best for you!

Check out our FAQs and Buyer's Guide, with tons of helpful info here.