Windsurf Foils

Windsurf foiling is an amazing way to spice up the light wind ride.  The feeling of gliding silently along, smoothly ABOVE the water, is like nothing else, and it is CRAZY ADDICTIVE.  The best part about it?  The fun can be had with regular size sails starting at just 10 knots of wind!

Just like with regular windsurfing equipment, different foils are designed with varying performance objectives in mind.  Some are very low drag, fast, stable, and racy.  Others are more lifty at lower speeds for super light wind flying, really maneuverable and responsive, but slower overall in a straight line, and maybe harder to control if the wind comes up...   So it's always best to have an honest look at your conditions and your goals, and then buy an appropriate foil for your needs.  Confused about what will work best for you?  Please contact us- we are happy to help!

Check out our FAQs and Buyer's Guide, with tons of helpful info here.