Windsurf foiling is an amazing way to spice up the light wind ride.  The feeling of gliding silently along, smoothly ABOVE the water, is like nothing else, and it is CRAZY ADDICTIVE.  The best part about it?  The fun can be had with regular size sails starting at just 10 knots of wind!

Just like with regular windsurfing equipment, different foils are designed with varying performance objectives in mind.  So it's always best to have an honest look at your conditions and your goals, and then buy an appropriate foil for your needs. 

You'll also want to consider what board and sails you're planning to use, fin box/foil mount types (deep tuttle, dual US box for pedestal mounts, powerplates, etc), water depths, etc etc...  Confused about what will work best for you?  Please contact us- we are experienced and happy to help!



AFS-105, NP RS:Flight F4, MFC One7 Race

AFS-105R Windsurf Race Foil
The Race foils are very low drag, fast, stable, and racy.  These racy foils tend to be best with wider tailed boards, somewhat outboard footstrap positions, and larger race or freeride sails.  You'll tend to sail these with decent sail power, sheeted in, and in a somewhat "normal" windsurfing stance (but still more upright than normal).  

Fast Freeride:

AFS-85, AFS-95, MFC One7 Freeride, Slingshot FWind

MFC One7 Freeride Windsurf Foil
Next step would be the "Fast Freeride" foils-  These are the most popular foils out there and they tend to keep the most people happy- from beginner foiler up to advanced freerider looking to just get out there, get flying, go fast and have fun!  These foils are still really fast, but can be sailed comfortably with a broader range of board/sail combo and sailing styles than the race foils.  Moderate width boards are fine, and freeride or even wave sails still feel really fun on the fast freeride foils.  You can sail them powered up and hiked out if you want to, or you can relax, stand up, and use small sails and have a lot of fun, too.

Pure Freeride:

Naish Thrust

Naish Thrust Windsurf Foil


Pure Freeride is simply one step down from the Fast Freeride-  These foils are similarly "not picky" about board widths and types of sails used, but tend to be best with a really upright stance.  You don't really need to power these up very much, so expect to have the most fun on these with small sails and without sheeting in too hard. 

Wave Foils:

AFS-Surf, NP Glide Surf, Slingshot FSUP

NP Glide Surf Windsurf/SUP/Surf Foil


Finally, we have the wave oriented foils, which are still great fun for wind foiling!  These tend to keep lift at very low speeds, and are really maneuverable and responsive, but slightly slower overall in a straight line, and maybe harder to control if you have too much sail power.  These foils are best with somewhat inboard footstrap positions (or no straps at all), and small, soft sails.  Stand up straight and ride the foil (not the sail) to maximize the fun on a surf oriented foil!  These are also super fun if you have some chop/swell to play on-  you can make turns and ride the tiniest imaginable bumps with these foils, using the sail just to assist in getting back upwind and starting the ride all over again!

Check out our FAQs and Buyer's Guide, with tons of helpful info here.