Naish Thrust Windsurf-1 Foil (2018)


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The Naish Thrust Windsurf-1 Foil is a GAME CHANGER!  The Delta shaped wing allows for super early flying in light winds, so you can go out and have a ripping session in just 10 knots of breeze!  This shape of foil also allows for "regular" sized boards and sails- no jumbo width formula boards or 10 meter sails required!

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2018 Naish Thrust WS 1 Foil & Hover 122 Foilboard from Naish International on Vimeo.

Manufacturer's Comments:

Thrust WS 1



Medium lift performance delta wing foil designed for early take off and enhanced longitudinal stability




70 cm

The Thrust WS 1 was developed with Robby Naish to be the ultimate easy access fun foil system. Thanks to its modified delta platform, it launches early, provides excellent flight stability, yet never becomes unmanageable at speed. Featuring a larger version of the integrated rudder developed for the Kite foil, the WS 1 system tracks well yet still is responsive and intuitive for turns and maneuvers. The long fuselage – which adds additional stability – has been modified to move the mast back, making it possible to use the Thrust WS 1 with existing slalom and freeride boards. Naish’s unique stabilizer adjustment system allows to entire set up to be optimally tuned for individual riders. The medium (70 cm) extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system and all stores neatly in the included, premium padded carry case. Naish is very pleased to introduce cutting edge technology that brings excitement and fun back to windsurfing at the bottom end of the wind spectrum.

All Naish Foil Systems include a premium padded cover.


  • Modified Delta Planform

    Early launch + stability + control

  • Adjustable Stabilizer
    Allows wing to be perfectly tuned for a wide range of rider weights

  • Integrated Rudder Foil

    Increased directional stability + better turning


  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 mast and fuselage
  • Fiberglass Composite wings
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware


    • Wing
      High Lift Delta
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Wingspan

      65 cm

    • Surface Area

      1220 cm2

    • Mast Length

      70 cm

    • Fuselage Length

      64.2 cm

  • Naish Thrust Foil Assembly and Care 101 from Naish International on Vimeo.

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