Naish Jet 320 Stabilizer Foil Wing


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Replacement Rear Wing for your Naish Thrust or Jet Foil.  Works well with the Naish Windsurf Foils, and the new Jet 1050 and 1250 Front Wings.

If you're hoping to use this 2020 rear wing on an older Naish Thrust Foil Fuselage, you'll need to add the adapter (available separately).

 Surface Area Wingspan Aspect Ratio Performance Characteristics
49.6 sq in / 320 sq cm 16.5" / 42cm 5.6

Med/High Lift
Low Drag


Manufacturer's Comments:

All new for 2020, the 320 backwing adds stability to the excellent turning ability of our previous anhedral design, increasing performance on all levels - speed, control, and even more intuitive turning.  By moving the rudder control function to the wingtips, we've reduced drag and freed up more center span for stability.

2020 Naish backwings can also be retrofitted to existing Naish foil sets with an adapter (available as an accessory)

Includes Stabilizer Cover.


BACKWING ADAPTER (available separately)

Connects any 2020 stabilizer to 2018 and 2019 fuselages.

Two (2) M6 16 mm Stainless Steel Torx Screws

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