Slingshot TimeCode 57cm HoverGlide Carbon Wing 2019


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The new 2019 HoverGlide foil wings from Slingshot are a pretty impressive leap forward in design, fit, and finish.  The Time Code 57 is a relatively small wing, so expect high speeds, and good jumping potential!  You will want to sail this wing with some decent power to keep it moving, so it's great for medium to high winds, and using sails closer to a "normal" size for the conditions.  This wing fits with any of the HoverGlide fuselages and can be fitted on 2018 HoverGlide foils if you're looking to add to your existing setup.





Manufacturer's Comments:



You’ll like this wing if:

  • You’re a kite boarder who wants the best all-around wing for a variety of conditions and wind speeds
  • A wakefoiler who wants to jump and learn tricks or a tow-in surfer who wants to ride faster rolling swell
  • You’re a small lightweight rider, or looking to ride with a power source like a towboat or kite and plan to catch some air at some point as well
  • You're a windsurfer that likes the feel of traditional windsurfing, good speed, jibes and jumping. Perfect for the intermediate windsurf foiler who wants to go fast and jump, but still be able to jibe.


The Time Code was the original wing that formed the foundation of the entire Hover Glide modular platform.

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