Windsurf Wave Boards

Windsurf Wave Boards

The lust of most any windsurfer- your wave board ignites passion and fuels your dreams of epic sessions and big moves!  These days, pure wave boards can cover huge ranges of wave conditions, and even cross over to high wind bump and jump on your local lake.  These boards ALL RIP, but there are subtle differences that can make or break a board for your personal criteria (depending on how picky you are).  Here are some general characteristics of the boards we sell:


Quads tend to have the most drive and grip in the turns, and tons of control in wild conditions.  They have been trending towards flatter rockers and wider tails, which makes them great choices for onshore/side onshore waves where you need to plane up quick and coast through lulls/current.  Getting upwind important to you?  Nothing beats a quad for marching upwind to get to the wave peak!  Most quads feel best with a fairly upright stance, sailing off the board rather than the fins, especially at slow speeds.

The Goya Quad is world renowned for it's broad use appeal- shining in anything from straight onshore beach break to side off point breaks, and is even great fun on those high wind bump and jump days with it's flat rocker, good top speed, and early planing abilities.  The Quatro Quad is another solid choice for all around conditions, but is a bit more "surfy" in feel, and really enjoys being on rail charging the waves!


Thrusters tend to feel looser and livelier than quads, with more rocker and narrower tails.  You'll generally want to sail them with somewhat decent power (if planing is your goal).  Most of these will really shine in side shore to side off wave breaks, offering effortless rail to rail surfing.  You can sail thrusters with a bit more of a traditional (hiked out) stance, especially if you upsize the center fin, or sail them with tiny center fins and an upright stance to maximize the loose and easy turning nature.

The Goya Thruster still has a relatively flat rocker, and as such planes up pretty easily.  Very smooth handling and a great choice for all around high wind sailing, jumping, and side shore to side off wavesailing.  The Quatro Pyramid is more dedicated to pure wavesailing, and really comes alive with the power of a decent wave behind it.  The Quatro Super Mini is technically a thruster, but has a much wider tail and more parallel rails, making it SUPER fun in real world wave conditions- side onshore beach break turns into your own personal skate park with the Super Mini!

Single Fins

Singe Fins still have a place in the world of wave boards, and offer a classic feel of big bottom turns with tons of speed!  The Quatro Mono has a really fun, traditional wave board feel-  fast and lively!  If you loved your boards from back in the day, and just can't seem to get comfortable on today's rides, the Mono is the board for you!!  Jump on, sheet in, and blast away with that classic hiked out stance!


Still not sure which board to choose?  Contact us- we are happy to help!