Goya RDM 99% Carbon Mast


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Ooooh baby, if you want light weight, this is YOUR mast!  The 99% carbon skinny mast from Goya matches up perfectly with their slightly flex top sails, and is so light it might blow away if you aren't careful while rigging!  Comes with a padded bag to keep it shiny and fresh.

Manufacturer's Comments:

99% RDM Reduced Diameter Mast

99% Carbon. Made in the USA. The 99% flatwater mast is designed from the highest grade carbon available, period. Don‘t mistake it for helium though, it‘s just carbon, nothing but carbon.

Designed for Freestyle, Race, Freeride and Freecarve, this flatwater mast has the fastest reflex response of all Goya Windsurfing masts, giving enormous amounts of acceleration to any sail you rig on it. Especially the Bounce Pro Freestyle sail comes to life like no other on this mast. The 99% is your choice if you are looking for unsurpassable performance period. Precision engineered. It’s center of gravity is beautifully low and its weight is among the lightest on the market.

With that comes an obvious amount of delicacy, hence we recommend you do not take this mast into the waves and advise you to take special care when rigging in rough terrain.

Available in 340, 370, 400, 430 centimeters.

  • Comes in Diagonal Flex™ technology.
  • Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.
  • Built with same length sections for easy handling.


 Length (cm) Diameter IMCS Carbon Bottom Bend Top Bend Tech Weight (kg) Color
340 RDM 14 99% 65% 78% Prepreg Carbon 1.07 Red
370 RDM 16 99% 64.5% 79% Prepreg Carbon 1.2 Red
400 RDM 18 99% 64.5% 79% Prepreg Carbon 1.37 Red
430 RDM 21 99% 64% 78% Prepreg Carbon 1.47 Red

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