NP Glide Surf Foil 2019

Neil Pryde

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The Neil Pryde aluminum Glide Surf Foil offers absolutely incredible bang for the buck- with high end performance available at a very reasonable price!  Match the Glide Surf foil up with your foil board, surf board, SUP, windsurf board, kite board...  And go have some fun!

For WINDSURFING, we recommend the Large Wing for most people in most situations- it has tons of lift and will get you, your board, and rig, up and out of the water really easily.  So you can fly earlier with less sail power!  The Medium is a great choice for lightweights or windy locations where you have plenty of power on tap.

The 2020 foil is unchanged from the 2019, except you'll have a few more options, and it will come with a bag.  New 2020 options include a Medium Slim or XL front wing, or an optional upgrade to a carbon mast.  All of these new parts are available separately if you want to add them to your 2019 foil.

Optimized for surfing performance, the Glide Surf offers tons of lift, even at very low speeds.  It will feel pretty front foot biased, depending on your setup, and it LOVES to turn!  So get ready for a responsive ride and start imagining all of the new lines you're going to paint, because this puppy will NOT hold you back!

The foil comes with a Surf Plate mount, but you can get a Surf Pro Box, Deep Tuttle Box, or even a Powerbox mount separately, so it's super easy to mount the Glide Surf foil on most any board that you have (foil specific boards and well reinforced fin boxes are highly recommended with ANY foil).

There are also three different size wings-  small through large.  The bigger you are, or the bigger your board is, or the weaker and mushier the wave is- the bigger of a wing you will want to use.  So, an SUP in weak waves with a big rider is clearly going to want to choose the large wing!  And a 100 pounder riding a 4' foil surf board on a big fast wave will want to choose the small wing.  Everything in the middle is... in the middle!  But when in doubt it's almost always better to go with the bigger wing, so up-size if you aren't sure what to get!

Manufacturer's Comments:

GLIDE SURF creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions.

On the wave, easy turns and stable, controllable flight allows you to fly across sections and progress from straight riding to progressive foil-turns. Your imagination is now the only limitation to how you will use the waves and how far you will fly. Superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow.

Pump from one wave to the next - see how long you can fly!

Suitable for strapless windfoiling SUP with a mast foot rig connector. Offers playful sessions to begin windfoiling, cruise around and catch some surf. Using the same foil SUP stance. Allows for the use of extremely small sail sizes and barely hooking into the harness.

Our innovative Top Plate base system can be mounted to the Aluminum mast and the perfectly blended fuselage offers the best connection for your surf and SUP boards. Plug and Play.

GLIDE SURF comes in 3 different complete setups: Large, Medium and Small. In addition, GLIDE SURF Large foil is delivered with 2 Tail wings: Large & Small.


  • Mast: 60cm 
  • Front wing span, Large: 86cm
  • Front wing span, Medium: 75cm
  • Front wing span, Small: 64cm
  • Tail wing span, Large: 51cm
  • Tail wing span, Small: 40cm
  • Base: Top Plate
  • Construction: Mast: Aluminum / Wings: Pre-preg carbon layout with inner foam


Front wing S 63.6 / 25 22 / 8.7 1148 / 177.9 1044.8 / 161.9 1045 / 162
Front wing M 74.9 / 29.5 22.6 / 8.9 1370.9 / 212.5 1310.4 / 203.1 1262.7 / 195.7
Front wing SLIM M 80.2 / 31.6 20.7 / 8.1 1302.5 / 201.9 1256.1 / 194.7 1230.1 / 190.7
Front wing L 85.8 / 33.8 23.1 / 9.1 1602.2 / 248.3 1537.4 / 238.3 1484.7 / 230.1
Front wing XL 100 / 39.4 24 / 9.4 2083.4 / 322.9 2029 / 314.5 1963.7 / 304.4
Tail wing S 39.5 / 15.6 7.7 / 3 245.4 / 38 248.5 / 38.5 230.5 / 35.7
Tail wing L 51 / 20.1 8 / 3.1 330.3 / 51.2 336.3 / 52.1 316.7 / 49.1



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