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The Ultimate in Slow Speed Early Lift Foil Wings!  The Slingshot Infinity 99 is HUGE and will start... and KEEP... flying at just ludicrously impossibly slow speeds...  it just doesn't even feel real!!  But there you are, hovering along...

Use this wing for WINDFOILING in Ultra Light or Ultra Gusty winds with small sails, or for catching the tiniest possible little bits of wind swell, luffing your sail, and riding the wave forever!  Boards with forward foil mounts or the track mount are recommended, to help get the wing as far forward as possible.

Use this wing for WINGSURFING to get going super early with very little power from the wing, and surfing the tiniest bumps imaginable while luffing the wing and riding the wave forever!

Use this wing for SURF/SUPFOILING to catch the most ridiculously small and weak waves imaginable and ride them forever!

Use this wing for WAKEFOILING if you want the ultimate in slow speed and small wake surfing!

Manufacturer's Comments:


If you’re looking for slow and steady, this is your wing. The largest wing with the most surface area in our Hover Glide line up. It’s inverted gull wing shape guarantees maximum lift, stability and glide. The Infinity 99 is like having training wheels, super gradual controlled lift and rock solid rail to rail stability.

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Package Includes:

 Hover Glide Infinity 99cm Carbon Wing


SUP/SURF: Lifts and glides into cruise control on even the smallest of rolling waves.

WAKE: Perfect for larger riders behind the boat. Originally designed for dock starting and wakeboarding.

WIND: This wing works ONLY on The Levitator boards that offer an adjustable track mount that allows you to slide the whole foil system forward. Super smooth takeoffs and touchdowns.


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