Windsurfing Wave Sails

Wave Sails

Wave sails cover a lot of ground (err... water) in the windsurfing world these days!  Clearly, they can be used in the waves, but you'll also see them being used at any high wind spot by your everyday cruiser and bump and jump sailor- lakes, rivers, and bays are all well suited to wave sail use. Generally available in sizes from about 6.3 down to the high 2s, most wave sails will match up well with any medium/high wind board- wave, freestyle wave, and even some freeride boards, will all feel great with a wave sail!

Most all wave sails are built for demanding conditions- heavy water, rough rocky launches and sharp reefs, so they can handle some serious abuse.  You'll find standard use of heavy duty materials, solid rod battens, and reinforcements galore.  Some are more solid than others, but they are all built to last.

One thing that you'll notice in some of the more recent models is that there are fewer battens these days-  rare is the 5 batten wave sail anymore, with 4 batten skeletons providing plenty of stability and wind range, while weighing less than their predecessors, and using shorter, lighter masts.  This trend makes for a nice compact feeling, which is easy to control and super maneuverable.  You'll also see a broad variety of 3 batten sails, which can be even lighter, and oddly enough, sometimes even more stable than the 4 batten sails!

Sailors looking for solid power and acceleration, and a bit of back hand pressure to let you know that the gas is on, will love the Goya Banzai!  This four batten sail is super tune-able, and can be rigged for full power by using the top clew grommet, or softened up and de-powered by moving down to the lower clew grommet.  The Banzai feels great on quads, thrusters, and even single fin boards, and works great for full power jumping and aggressive sailing!  Wave sailing purists and bump and jump sailors alike love the Banzai!

Sailors looking for a lighter feel and more neutral pull, with a compact and ultra responsive feel, will love the Goya Fringe!  The 3 batten sail is SO LIGHT you'd swear nothing was in your hands at all.  The Fringe pumps like a dream, then disappears once you catch a wave, allowing you to surf as purely as possible.  The Fringe feels great on most quads, thrusters, and single fins, and crosses over into the foiling realm really well!

Sailors looking for the utmost in control, comfort, and durability will love the Goya Guru!  It is a full x-ply/laminate/PVC sail with a soft and easy going feel, even when you're out in the most gnarly and crazy conditions imaginable.  This sail eats wind gusts and choppy waters for breakfast.

The Goya Banzai and Fringe are both available in two different constructions- Bi-Ply or X-Ply.  They are the same exact sails, with the exception of the main window panels-  The X-Ply uses a widely spaced thread pattern in the main windows.  The Bi-Ply uses a lamination of two thin pieces of film, which is crystal clear and feels like traditional monofilm, but it is more supple and less likely to crease, and provides better UV stability.

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