Wingsurf Foil Board Jump

Wingsurf Foil Boards

Wingsurfing is a super fun way to hit the water and play in the wind.  If you already have your feet underneath you and are ready for the next level, check out these foil boards!  They will get you flying over the water- faster, smoother, and further than ever before!  It is like stepping into the future!

Beginner foilers, and folks who want a good light wind board, should check out the larger SUP foil boards like the Slingshot Shred Sled and Outwit, or the larger Naish Hover SUPs.  The Tabou Magic Carpet is another fantastic option!  Also, the largest few Takuma TK Carbon boards offer tons of stability.  These boards are very stable, so they will help with progression- it makes it substantially easier to get to your feet and get the wing up into the air when you have enough width and volume under your feet.  You can go out in marginal conditions with confidence- they are floaty and easy to get home on if the wind poops out.  Further, these are great crossover boards, perfectly balanced for SUP foiling in waves or during downwinders, and some of them are even windsurfable, too!

Advanced Foilers who have plenty of wind and are looking to take things to the next level should look at the progression oriented boards like the smaller Takuma TK Carbon, the Quatro Wing Drifter, and smaller Naish Hovers!  The Tabou Pocket Air is another great option, too!  These are lower volume, super short, purpose built boards designed for early get up and go (with proper technique), and ultra maneuverability and responsiveness once you're up and running.  There are lots of sizes available, so we can fine tune for your wind speeds and body size.