Although variations of hand held wings have been around for decades, recent innovations in kite technology, and the low drag feel of foils has opened up a brand new horizon for wind powered fun! Once up and running on a foil, you need virtually zero sail power to keep flying, so this makes the simplicity of a hand held wing really attractive-  No tangled up kite lines to deal with, no huge open areas required for launching and landing, no piles of windsurfing masts and booms to cart around- just pump up your wing, grab your board, and go!

Your imagination is the limit for how to use these new toys- glide around on your SUP, use it on a breezy day to catch waves and fly back out (instead of paddling), foil on your SUP or windsurf board, skateboard, ski/snowboard, ice skates, etc etc etc... The sky is the limit, so grab a wing and go have some fun!


We're Now Stocking GAASTRA Wings as well!