Rewards Program

Scroll down for step by step instructions!

Rewards Points:

How to earn points:  Scroll down for step by step instructions!

  • Create an account:  Get 200 points
  • Make purchases:  Get 5 points per dollar spent  (Updated 10/1/17.  Purchases made prior to this date accrued points at the previous ratio and are still stored in the system)
  • UPDATED:  Refer a friend:  Send your friends a discount code.  You'll accrue points for every dollar that they spend, equivalent to a 3% kickback!  The more THEY spend, the more YOU earn!
  • NEW:  Read our Foil Buyer's Guide:  Log in and click through from your rewards page, then answer one simple question and get a discount code!

Redeem Points for Discount Codes:
500 points = $5 off
1,000 points = $10 off
2,500 points = $25 off
5,000 points = $50 off
7,500 points = $75 off
10,000 points = $100 off
15,000 points = $150 off
20,000 points = $200 off

    Example Scenarios:

    • Buy a board for $2,000.  Get 10,000 points.  Use all of your points to pick up $100 worth of extra stuff for free!
    • Buy a carbon boom for $700.  Get 3,500 points.  Use 2,500 points to pick up a $25 off coupon, and leave your remaining 1,000 points in the bank to use on future purchases.


    Follow these step by step instructions to take full advantage of our rewards program:

    Step 1:  Create an Account / Sign In


    Step 2:  Access your Rewards Page popup screen


    Step 3:  Check your points balance and choose a coupon to redeem


    Step 4:  Follow the prompts


    Step 5:  Copy the code or save it for later


    Other ways to get coupons and points:


    NEW!  Read our Foiling Buyer's Guide:

    Step 1:  Click into the "Earn Points" tab and click on the Buyer's Guide button


    Step 2:  Follow the link to access the Buyer's Guide


    Step 3:  Return back to the same spot (in the original window) to answer a question and get your coupon!


    Step 4:  Get your coupon code from the "My Rewards" tab



    UPDATED!  Refer Your Friends to Shop at!

    Step 1:  Click into the "Refer Friends" tab and find your shareable link.  Your friends will get a 10% off discount code when they follow the link, and you will earn extra points based on how much your friend buys!