Rewards Program

UPDATE February 7 2022:  Due to increased costs and shrinking margins, we are no longer awarding Reward Points with purchases.  If you placed an order in the past, your Reward Points tally still exists and you can still redeem them for coupons.  Thank you for your understanding.
Points were tracked by your ordering email address.  Scroll down for step by step instructions and contact us if you need help!

Rewards Points:

Redeem Points for Discount Codes:
500 points = $5 off
1,000 points = $10 off
2,500 points = $25 off
5,000 points = $50 off
7,500 points = $75 off
10,000 points = $100 off
15,000 points = $150 off
20,000 points = $200 off


    Follow these step by step instructions to take full advantage of our rewards program:

    Step 1:  Create an Account / Sign In


    Step 2:  Access your Rewards Page popup screen


    Step 3:  Check your points balance and choose a coupon to redeem


    Step 4:  Follow the prompts


    Step 5:  Copy the code or save it for later