117 3S Classic 2018 LTD


3S Classic


A traditional, longer freewave outline with modern features makes the 3S Classic an easy to-ride board for freeride and bump’n’jump.


Windsurfers looking for a traditional all-around board

New for 2018, we introduce a classic: the traditional 3S that we worked on for a decade combined with select features from the compact 3S introduced in 2017. The 3S is Tabou´s most successful shape: easy to use and fun for all conditions. We took a traditional, longer outline and a forgiving, early-planing rocker and added select modern features, like a cutoff tail for easier jibing.

Like the 3S, the 3S Classic uses a double step tail cutout to increase both speed and maneuverability. In a straight line, the cutouts have less wetted surface area and therefore less drag and a higher top speed. On the rail, the cutouts act like kick tail so that the board turns in a much tighter radius. The length of the 3S Classic allows it to go fast while being easy to balance and cutting through chop.

How do you choose between the 3S and the 3S Classic?

If you are looking for your first short board, the longer outline of the 3S Classic is better for you. Likewise, you should also go with the 3S Classic if you prefer a board that is more forgiving rather than maneuverable. If you are already comfortable on a short board and want a board to help improve your wave sailing or freestyle while still being fun on flat water, the more compact 3S is a better shape for you.


Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Box Fin Sail Range
97 236 61 TBD Power 28 4.2 - 6.6
107 236 64 TBD Power 32 4.5 - 7.0
117 236 67 TBD Power 34 4.7 - 7.4

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