AFS 1 MK2 Front Wing


The MK2 Front Wing provides a racier and more responsive windsurfing experience for the AFS-1 Fuselage.  Windsurf Specific Design Constraints for better upwind angles and higher top speeds in comparison to the original AFS-1 front wing.  Compatible with AFS-1 Fuselages ONLY.


America’s Cup, Moth, and Open 60... high-performance sailboats are now past the foiling revolution: take-off earlier, go faster.

True to their commitment to innovation and once more ahead of a revolution in windsurfing- the AHD team entered, years ago, a series of tests and trials till they launched their own foiling machine: The AFS-1, in 2012!! This foil has already had quite a few years worth of R+D, testing, and re-design behind it!

The AHD AFS-1 is clearly the only hydrofoil to have been designed and developed, from scratch, for the constraints and specifications in windsurfing. Want to discover unique sensations and fly from just 4 knots wind speeds? That’s what the AFS-1 offers you!

Le Shape:

  • The foil’s fuselage is voluminous. This provides that little extra, which allows taking-off even earlier and flying longer through lulls.
  • The wings are wide, their profiles thick, their twist carefully designed to enhance power, lift, stability and tolerance.
  • The winglets regulate the water flow on the wings to maximize power and generate the lift needed for taking off earlier.
  • You will now easily visualize the applied forces and stresses to which the foil is submitted.
  • Full carbon construction and reinforcements have been compulsory to achieve the lightness/strength mix required to get a 110l board up and flying in 4 to 15 knots of wind with just a 7sqm sail.


This foil has a unique finbox which can be paired up with the SeaLion Wings WindSUP, or the unique AFS-1 Foilboard. Combo prices are available!

  • The SeaLion Wings model is a true allarounder which can be paddled, sailed, or foiled in flat water or waves! One board does it all!
  • The AFS-1 Foilboard is a true early planer, flat water "slalom" style foilboard which will allow the earliest possible liftoff onto the foil.
  • You can also mount the unique finbox (available separately) into your own board of choice if you don't want the specific AHD board models mentioned above.




Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finbox
AFS-1 Foil 10 96 76 3.5 AHD Foilbox
SeaLion Wings 109 232 74 8 AHD Foilbox + Twinfin US Box
AFS-1 FoilBoard 110 238 67.5 8 AHD Foilbox

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