AFS 1 Foil + SeaLion Wings Board Combo


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The Deal:

This is a combo kit which includes the AHD SeaLion Wings WindSUP Board and AFS-1 Full Carbon Foil. This kit is available by special order only. Delivery takes approximately 4-10 business days via DHL. Yes, you read that correctly- you could potentially be foiling in just a few days!!


America’s Cup, Moth, and Open 60... high-performance sailboats are now past the foiling revolution: take-off earlier, go faster.

True to their commitment to innovation and once more ahead of a revolution in windsurfing- the AHD team entered, years ago, a series of tests and trials till they launched their own foiling machine: The AFS-1, in 2012!! This foil has already had quite a few years worth of R+D, testing, and re-design behind it!

The AHD AFS-1 is clearly the only hydrofoil to have been designed and developed, from scratch, for the constraints and specifications in windsurfing. Want to discover unique sensations and fly from just 4 knots wind speeds? That’s what the AFS-1 offers you!

The Shape:

  • The foil’s fuselage is voluminous. This provides that little extra, which allows taking-off even earlier and flying longer through lulls.
  • The wings are wide, their profiles thick, their twist carefully designed to enhance power, lift, stability and tolerance.
  • The winglets regulate the water flow on the wings to maximize power and generate the lift needed for taking off earlier.
  • You will now easily visualize the applied forces and stresses to which the foil is submitted.
  • Full carbon construction and reinforcements have been compulsory to achieve the lightness/strength mix required to get a 109l board up and flying in 8 to 15 knots of wind with just a 7sqm sail.
  • SeaLion WindSUP Shape is perfect for all conditions- flat water, waves, windsurf, SUP, foiling or not- it is a TRUE DO IT ALL BOARD!!


This foil has a unique finbox which can be paired up with the SeaLion Wings WindSUP, or the unique AFS-1 Foilboard.

  • The SeaLion Wings model is a true allarounder which can be paddled, sailed, or foiled in flat water or waves! One board does it all!




Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finbox
AFS-1 Foil 10 96 76 3.5 AHD Foilbox
SeaLion Wings 7'6" 109 232 74 8 AHD Foilbox + Twin US Box
SeaLion Wings 8'6" 125 259 74 8.9 AHD Foilbox + Twin US Box

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