AFS Wind 105R Carbon Windsurf Foil USED


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This Used Foil is in excellent condition, having only been in the water a few times (basically new)!  So FAST and SMOOTH!!  The zipper on the foil bag is broken, but otherwise this kit is tip top perfect!

The AFS Wind 105R is a top notch race foil designed to get you flying upwind, downwind, and around the race course with max speed and control!  The HOLLOW full carbon 105cm mast is super rigid and gives you the torque you need to drive a wide board with a big sail for max VMG.  Made in France to exacting standards, this particular used foil comes with the 800mm front wing, covering a huge range of wind speeds.

 How FUN does THIS look???

Manufacturer's Comments:

A windfoil cut for the race.

The Wind 105.R is the race version of the Wind 95. The profile of the shaft is the same but the length has been increased to 105 cm. Driving is safer at all speeds in the chops and the swell. The counter-grain is facilitated.

The fuselage is the same as that of the Wind 95.

The Wind 105.R is available with the R-800 wings or with the R-800/R-750 combo. The R-800 wings have a special profile, thick, with a lot of lift, really efficient in light and medium winds, to perform during the upwind and downwind runs. The small chord authorise big Vmax, to obtain the best VMG during your races.

The R-750 have been designed to reach the maximum speed in medium to high winds. Thin, small chord, they’re really fast !

Exists in World Cup Pack : Delivered with complete wings set (R-800 / R-750).

Approximate wind speeds to fly:

R-800:  7-20 knots
R-750:  15-35 knots



Windsurf foil the most efficient of the market, the AFS Wind 105.R is also manufactured in France, at Foil And Co (near Brest). We bring the greatest attention to all these little details that make a great product.


Tech specs:

  • Mast length: 1050 mm
  • Fuselage length: 885 mm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs) approx.
  • Construction: Hollow Technology Carbon Prepreg T-700 and high module T-800 Mast
    Monolithic Full Carbon Prepreg T-700 Fuselage and Wings
  • Front Wing Width: 800 mm (R-800), 750 mm (R-750)
  • Front Wing Area:  752 sq. cm (R-800), 737 sq. cm (R-750)
  • Fin Box:  Deep Tuttle

This foil is compatible with other AFS foil wings, too-  F-700, F-700s, F-800, R-750, R-800

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