Black Project Ohana Travel 3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

Black Project

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The OHANA paddles are available as a 3-piece adjustable travel paddle. These are the lightest and smallest packing travel paddles available. The Ohana packs to 30 inches (76.2cm) which is small enough to put inside many suitcases or inside inflatable board bags. Our adjustable 3-piece paddles feature our No-Twist adjustment system which offers a large 50cm (20 in) adjustment range. The innovative HEX join with push pin assembly produced a zero-movement join. These paddles assemble in seconds, are lightweight, strong and perfectly balanced to deliver 1-piece performance in a convenient travel and easy storage package. Finally there is a 3-piece SUP travel paddle which you can use every day!

Lightweight, Durable 3-peice Travel SUP Paddle For Easy Storage & Travel

Our 3-Piece SUP Travel Paddle range is designed for paddlers who want the performance of a 1-piece paddle but the convenience of three pieces.

Our innovative 3-piece SUP travel paddles are lighter, stronger & pack smaller than other paddles.

Thanks to our HEX join system our joints have zero movement delivering 1-piece performance in a paddle which you can pack easily for storage or travel.

With anti-twist adjustment it is easy to change the length of your paddle on the water. 3-piece SUP paddles are Ideal for paddlers with inflatable paddle boards or limited storage space.

Designed to maximize family fun while minimizing cost, the OHANA is the ultimate entry-level paddle. Lightweight and durable, it represents a big performance upgrade over other entry-level paddles on the market.

This 60% carbon paddle shares much of the same DNA as our premier race and surf paddles (Hydro and Surge), but features a more forgiving blade design and paddle construction that is better suited for recreational paddlers.

Scooped Dihedral Blade Technology

The Ohana blade is designed to correct poor alignment often associated with fatigue and injury. The Scooped Dihedral shaping holds the water securely through the power phase, eliminating lateral blade movement and delivering force in a smooth and efficient manner.

The extension of the tapered scoop towards the toe allows the paddle to remain stable and deliver power, even if you fail to get the full blade in the water. This toe shaping also ensures a clean catch and efficient blade release.

Overall, the Ohana blade design delivers a predictable and efficient paddle stroke which encourages the use of smaller blades while protecting your body from injury and reducing fatigue.

Ten Degrees Blade Angle Promotes Comfort And Feel

We designed the Ohana blade to be a little more forgiving and suit a less aggressive and lower cadence paddle stroke. The moderate 10° blade angle promotes a smooth paddle stroke and a little more comfort than the Hydro. The 60% carbon and fiberglass mix adds a little more flex and comfort which is ideal for new and recreational paddlers.

Structural Blade Stability

The ridge along the front of the blade increases stiffness both vertically and laterally, resulting in increased strength. This structure helps the blade maintain better stability for a predictable feel you can count on. For the Ohana we wanted a little more blade flex for increased comfort, so the Power Ridge is more subtle than on the Hydro or Surge.

Reduced Board Damage & Increased Safety

The smooth blade edges increase safety, increases blade strength and reduces board damage. The slim-line joint system reduces drag through the water and prevents rail damage caused by hard edges.

Thanks to the design and construction, the Ohana paddle is also one of the strongest SUP paddles you will find and enjoys a near-zero failure rate.

REFLEX Carbon Construction

The Ohana SUP paddles are built in our Reflex 60% construction with a 12k carbon blade and new UD carbon shaft for enhanced performance and longevity. The smooth matte finish is great for grip and the medium flex shaft generates power and reacts quicker than other shafts.

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