5.1 Bounce 2016 USED


Good condition Goya freestyle sail. Light, powerful, stable and responsive!  Tons of pop and get up and go.  Freestyle sails are very fun for bump and jump and progressing sailors due to their stability and forgiveness over a very broad range of conditions!


The all new Bounce is a precisely handling sail for technical freestyle sailing. Ultimate light weight, instantaneous lifting power, stable draft for easy control, a high cut foot and raised clew for duck tricks, are the defining features of the Bounce, making it a zero compromise sail for all existing modern maneuvers and those to come. 

Goya quality features such as super strong scrim panels, a Dacron luff panel, a 5mil monofilm window, carbon Stretch Control 2, a titanium clew ring and rip stop sleeve cloth make this sail equally light as any competition but by far more durable. The Bounce matches best with the Air Freestyle.


• Super light super strong scrim panels.
• Woven Dacron luff panel.
• 5mil monofilm window.
• Carbon Stretch Control 2™.
• Titanium clew ring.
• Rip Stop™ sleeve.
• Molded tack fairing.



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