Chinook Shift Windsurf Rig Package Complete


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The Chinook Shift Windsurfing Rig is a complete windsurfing sail- plug it into any modern windsurfing board and you're good to go!  This package includes a beginner friendly, super light, super durable sail that has great power in an easy to handle size.  These rigs are perfect for light wind locations and match up well with any beginner windsurf board or sailable SUP!  Some people even use them for Windsurf Foiling since they're so light and powerful!

Choose the rig size based on your average wind conditions and your body size- if it is normally quite windy, or if you are of smaller stature, get a smaller sail.  If the wind is normally pretty light, or you are large, get a larger sail.  PLEASE CONTACT US for personalized sizing recommendations- we are happy to help!!


Manufacturer's Comments:

Product Details

The Chinook Shift Rig is a complete rig designed to make learning to windsurf easy. The sail is made of Dacron material for superior durability against wear and UV rays. Comes with Ezzy built sail, 2-piece Epoxy/Fiberglass Mast, Chinook Kid or Sport boom, mast base, mast extension, and uphaul.  Now being used as a very capable SUP rig, "SHIFT" your SUP into high gear!

  • Kid size Trainers 2.0, 2.5, 3.0
  • Adult Trainers 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 White/Blue/Black (colors may vary)
Item Boom Mast Base Extension
2.0 Kid 120-160cm 270cm Kid Epoxy-RDM Mech Europin Euro-pin fixed
2.5 Kid 120-160cm 270cm Kid Epoxy-RDM Mech Europin Euro-pin fixed
3.0 Kid 120-160cm 315cm Kid Epoxy-RDM Mech Europin Euro-pin fixed
3.5 Kid 120-160cm 370cm Kid Epoxy-RDM 1-Bolt Mech-US Short US-RDM
4.0 Sport 129-191cm 400 Epoxy-SDM 1-Bolt Mech-US Short US-SDM
4.5 Sport 150-210cm 400 Epoxy-SDM 1-Bolt Mech-US Short US-SDM
5.0 Sport 150-210cm 430 Epoxy-SDM 1-Bolt Mech-US Short US-SDM

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