Empax Vest

Ride Engine

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The Ride Engine Empax Vest provides the perfect blend of flotation and impact protection for any watersport charger-  Folks who are just getting their feet underneath them will enjoy the float while they bobble around out there, and expert rippers will enjoy the rib protection while hurling themselves into sketchy moves that they never had an even remote chance of making ;)

Designed to fit under your waist harness, the vest does not interfere with your harness hook.

Added bonus- you'll get a bit of extra insulation on those chilly Fall days or dawn sessions!

More Info:

Essential flotation and impact protection for kiters and windsurfers, designed to be worn comfortably under your harness with a look that doesn’t scream “watch out for that kook.”

*Non CGA Approved.

• A must for all levels- beginners need buoyancy, experts need impact protection.
• Seamless integration with most size/shape harnesses.
• Panel placement helps prevent harness from riding up.
• Made from soft, eco-friendly limestone neoprene.

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