Goya Proton + MFC ONE7 Carbon Racing Foil 2018 Package


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This package combines the carbon Goya Proton race windsurfing board with an MFC Racing carbon foil!  Save huge (about 16%!!) with this amazing package deal!  Savings like these are ONLY AVAILABLE VIA PRE-ORDER.  Package will be delivered approximately 3 months from date of order.

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Foil Details:

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2018 MFC ONE7 Racing Foil ($2187 regular price)




MFC One7 Hydrofoil is our first all carbon windsurfing hydrofoil. Developed in our new Carbon Composites Construction and RTM technology using Sicomin G33 BioEpoxy resin.

This hydrofoil is fast and stable. It allows you to interchange front and back wings with our smaller Racing or larger FreeRide setup. This hydrofoil starts flying with only 6 knots of wind (personal experience may vary, depending on sail used, rider weight, rider skill, etc).

SIZES (CM) (other masts, wings, and fuselages available separately)

> Modular Component System
> Mast is 94cm full carbon
> Fuselage is 92cm full carbon
> Carbon Racing front wing span 78cm=1385cm2
> Carbon Racing back wing span 38cm=475cm2


> Foil BOX (Deep Tuttle)


> Complete Foil
> Padded Bag
> Rear Wing Shims
> Assembly Hardware


Board Details:

2018 Goya Proton 116 ($2470 regular price)
2018 Goya Proton 136 ($2580 regular price)


The 2018 Goya Proton is a FULL FLEDGED slalom race board, no compromises! These boards are super light and stiff, and fast fast fast! They like to be driven with overpowered fully cambered slalom sails for maximum performance, and offer a perfect blend of speed and control. Oh, and the larger two sizes (116 and 136) are supplied with FOIL READY deep tuttle fin boxes!

Manufacturer's Comments:

Proton Pro
Race Single

We’re excited to introduce the brand new first ever dedicated Race board line by Goya Windsurfing. Approved by the PWA. Following the same principles that run deep with the brand, working day by day with a passionate team of athletes, designers and customers, the Proton celebrates the latest progression of what we consider the most fun sport on earth.

Gabriel Browne, PWA team rider: “The line has three sizes and is totally focused on racing performance. We talk about winning races, wherever you want, no matter the condition. These three sizes cover any wind range. During testing on Maui we sailed in all different kinds of conditions, from heavy swells to flat speed places, strong onshore squalls to morning offshore breezes, and I’m absolutely happy with how these boards came out. The 96 is a strong wind machine, focused on offering ultimate control and precise jibing, along with maximum speed. When racing in strong winds with the PWA we need something very easy and comfortable to handle, so that we can focus on our tactics. The 116 has an incredible wind range and suits sails from 6,5 to 8,5 perfectly. It is designed to be in the top level of efficiency and performance on any race course. The 136 is a light wind killer. With the wider tail shape this board planes intensely early and jibes like nothing else. The Proton range has been refined to the T of every detail, with rail shapes designed to deliver the best performance and control. The bottom shape is a pure slalom powerhouse, with every single millimeter dialed to make sure these boards are uber accurate. No compromise. The deck shape then allows the sailor a maximum level of comfort within the spectrum of the discipline of uncompromised racing.”

Available in 96, 116*, 136* liters.

Available in amber yellow.

Available in Pro Full Carbon Hull construction.

* Foil Ready


Pro Full Carbon Hull

Fused Cell Core. The Goya Pro Carbon & S-Glass construction comes with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production boardmaking.

Hyper Skin HD. The entire board is covered in Hyper Skin HD. Hyper Skin is Goya’s proprietary High Density Foam Sandwich, delivering an immensely rigid structure at an extremely light weight. Covering deck, rails and bottom in it, gives Goya Pro boards their incomparable flex and longevity. A third stronger, stiffer and lighter than conventional boards.

Core Axis Reinforcements. These long and wide carbon patches act as superior backbones, making your board stiffer and eliminating distortions. They furthermore ready your board* to carry a hyrofoil. (* Proton 96, 116, 136).

Full Carbon Hull. Biaxial Carbon is the perfect reinforcement for adding global torsional stiffness across the board, which is why we cover the entire hull of our uncompromising Race boards in it, meaning deck, bottom and rails. Our Race boards are unforgivingly stiff because they are made to unapologetically win.



Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Weight (kg) Sail Fins (recommended)
96 233 61.9 41.4 5.9 5.0 - 7.5 No Fin Included (32-34cm) Tuttle Box
116 233 71 49.5 6.7 6.3 - 8.6 No Fin Included (26-40cm) Deep Tuttle Foil Ready
136 233 83.9 63.5 7.5 7.8 - 9.6 No Fin Included (44-47cm) Deep Tuttle Foil Ready


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