Goya Surf 220 USED Beginner Windsurfing Board


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**Local Pickup in the Burlington VT area ONLY!  This item is NOT available to ship.**

This Goya Surf beginner windsurfing board is a bit longer and "narrower" than many of the other beginner boards out there.  This gives it great glide and a directional feel- it actually goes!  Added bonus- there is an extra UJ insert in the nose, so you can run it as a tandem windsurfer if you want!  This works great for kids and lighter folks up front, with a more experienced sailor on the back.  Fun!

The board is in decent overall condition, but it does need a repair up near the nose where the rail was buckled.  See pics.

**Local Pickup in the Burlington VT area ONLY!  This item is NOT available to ship.**



The Surf guarantees anyone a fun and fast entry into the windsurfing world, while still offering enough possibilities to progress and have fun for more advanced riders. Getting in the straps, jibing, trimming upwind or racing downwind is all possible on these boards.

The Surf 200 and 220 feature a fully retractable Allgaier® dagger board for maximized stability, while the Surf 150 features a center fin for increased dynamics. This entry level board is crafted to your family’s needs and school requirements. A new base insert in the nose of the deck allows you to attach a mini tandem rig for kids and is available on the 200 a 220. The Surf features and EVA deck with clear rails, keeping both your knees and your board in healthy shape.



• CAD engineered longer and more parallel outlines for early planning and optimal upwind ability.
• Wider tails broaden the area where you can stand, keeping you in balance.
• Higher nose rockers keep the nose of the board out of the water, helping you to get planing faster.
• Deeper double concaves through the bottom shapes soften the ride and add board stability.
• Recessed daggerboard boxes help keeping the handle out of your toe’s way.
• Adjustable footstrap positions for all levels, allowing you to progress on one and the same board.
• Full EVA deck offering comfort and safety.
• Pad outlines indicate optimal stance position.
• Fully retractable daggerboard for high wind use.
• Fully integrated nose bumper for protection.
• Power Box single screw for easy fin set up.
• Nose handle and tail strap for easy transport.

Volume Length Width Weight Sails Construction Fins
150L 247.6 cm 77 cm 10.5 kg up to 8.0 Wood (2x) Goya 28 PB
200L 279.7 cm 84.7 cm 14 kg up to 10.0 Wood Goya 28 PB & Dagger Board
220L 302.4 cm 86 cm 14.3 kg up to 10.0 Wood Goya 28 Pb & Dagger Board

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