Goya Volar AST 2020/21


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The Goya Volar is a beautifully smooth sailing and fun freeride board!  The volume flow is moderately wide and very thin in the rails, allowing for incredible bite and grip in the turns- If you like pushing hard through the jibes, the Volar won't disappoint, with near wave board handling and grip when it is on rail!  Combine that with more than ample straight line speed, and tons of control in rough water, and you end up with an instant "Classic" freeride board!

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Customer Review, April 17, 2019:

Just dropping you a quick note to say I picked up the Volar 115 Pro and it is awesome! I can't believe how quick it goes on plane and jibing is so easy with it.
Love it!


Manufacturer's Comments:

Volar Pro
Freeride Single

The Volar is our ultimate Windsurf Board, to learn, grow and be enjoyed at all levels.

The board is fast and accelerates with each gust of wind. On a straight line or jibing, the board rides naturally and stable, giving the rider all the confidence to push their own level at every move. With its thinner profile, on the water or the air the new Volar feels like an extension of your body.

Each shape was individually created to match its conditions, giving the larger volume sizes the wider, early planing and balance needed in those conditions, while the smaller two sizes increased bottom curve ride add the joy and ease for the rougher days.  The Volar matches best with the Nexus Freeride sail or the Mark Freerace sail.

The new Volar is the same shape and concept as the Volar Pro but in a more rugged and affordable build ideal for schools and families.

Offering a durable, tough and light board, but considerably more affordable by using a cubed fused cell foam core and a wood sandwich build the Volar guarantees for light weight and supreme durability, making it a favorite with windsurfing centers around the world.

The regular Volar models feature unidirectional glass reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade epoxy resin creates an impact resistant outer skin.

Available in 115, 130, 145, 160 liters.

Available in Wood Sandwich construction.

Available with a Powerbox finbox.

Available in neon red on metallic red.



Wood Sandwich.

Fused Cell Core. Goya boards come with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production boardmaking.

Wood Sandwich. Wood in combination with fiberglass can take heavy beatings over an extended period of time, for example in school or rental scenarios. On top it creates a very affordable construction.

 Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Weight (kg) Sail Fin (cm)
115 249 71.9 45.8 8.8 6.0 - 8.5 38 PB
130 250 77.3 50.3 9.6 6.0 - 9.0 42 PB
145 252 85.9 53 10 7.0 - 10.0 46 PB
160 264 86.1 58 11.5 TBD 48 PB

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