Naish S25 Jet Surf Front Foil Wings


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Backwards Compatible S25 Jet Surf Foil Wings!   Upgrade your old Naish foil with a new front wing, or add a different size wing to your quiver!  Swapping out your front wing can make a HUGE difference in how your foil performs. 

The new S25 Jet Foil Front Wings are made in five different sizes:  1050, 1250, 1650, 2000, and 2450!  These numbers refer to the area of the wing- the higher the number, the bigger the wing.  You can adjust your wing size to fine tune for your sport, weight, board size, conditions, and goals.

Please reach out to us for personalized recommendations.

Manufacturer's Info:

Every year, the Naish design team explores new materials and constructions in an effort to cut weight to make our foils lighter and perform better. Starting at the core for S25, the team used a new material that retains the same strength and impact resistance while dramatically decreasing the overall weight. These cores are then wrapped with a chopped carbon/UD carbon fiber layup making the S25 front wings up to 25% lighter than previous years. No matter what type of foiling you are doing (surf, kite, windsurf or Wing-Surf) these new foils yet again up the ante in performance and control.

Note: For Jet Foil 2450 front wing, you will need to purchase longer screws.

Naish S25 Jet Foil Front Wing Spec Chart


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