NP Flight AL 2019

Neil Pryde

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This second generation of the NP Flight Aluminum windsurf foil is a big step forward in performance, but still with an amazingly affordable price.  The new carbon construction on the wings allows for much more precise and detailed shaping (as compared to the previous G-10 version), so the foil will fly earlier, is more stable, and will reach higher speeds than ever before.  Everything is better on round 2, they've clearly put a lot of work into refining this foil!

Straight out of the box, this foil comes with a deep tuttle head, but you can get a powerbox, surf box, or pedestal type plate mount separately if you want!

Manufacturer's Comments

The Flight AL is our newest Freerace Aluminum foil. Durable, fast and suitable for a wide wind range! The fuselage is perfectly molded into the aluminum mast, therefore this foil has minimal drag. For this foil wings we used high-pressure molded Pre-preg carbon with inner foam,  specifically developed for high performance foiling. This foil delivers maximum durability to weight ratio.

While it is a faster and more lean foil, it is great for riders that have recently begun foiling and are ready for the next level and more fun on the water.



  • Mast: 82 cm
  • Front wing span:73 cm
  • Tail wing span: 42 cm
  • Base: Deep Tuttle
  • Fuselage Length: 71.5 cm
  • Construction: Aluminum / Pre-preg carbon layout with inner foam

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