225-287cm Pro1 Alloy Boom


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Category: 29mm Diameter, Aluminum, Boom, Chinook, Windsurf

Type: Boom Windsurf

Monocoque body, custom alloy, fully articulating head, absolute length markings, oversized 2-pin adjustment collars, positive snap-in skinny adapter, modern bend curve, etc. We put it all in our new 2010 top end aluminum booms, except the price increase. Pro 1 Alloy booms have exceptional torsional rigidity and fit both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. The addition of absolute length markings on a generous 62cm tail-piece aid with rigging your sail properly. The Race 225 has an oversized forged tail for added stiffness but tapers down in the critical grip area. This feature loaded boom also has three pulleys in the outhaul block for in-flight outhaul system compatibility. Range: 225-287cm, Grip Diameter: 33mm tapered to 29mm - 1 1/8", Weight: 8.9 lbs, Inside Width: 54cm

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