Quatro Cube Quad 2020/21
Quatro Cube Quad 2020/21

Quatro Cube Quad 2020/21

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Levi Siver airs off the lip on the 2020 Quatro Cube


All New!  The redesigned Cube is breaking barriers left and right- planing super early, maintaining control in gnarly conditions, and turning on a dime (as you'd expect from a pure wave board designed by Keith Teboul)!  This board works exceptionally well in most any wave environment, but excels in onshore and side onshore conditions- keeping speed through those gutless sections, allowing you to hit the lip with power. 

The Cube is also one of those rare wave boards that crosses over into the bump and jump realm really well, due to it's early planing and great top speed.  So if you like to go fast, and slash and burn at whim, this is your board!

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Manufacturer's Info:

Cube Pro

Powerwave Quad

Keith Teboul: “For the Cube Pro’s latest generation I worked on putting as much emphasis on early planing as possible, giving you every single bit of boost you might want at any moment. It’s like a turbo that’s constantly spooled up.

I’m keeping this powerful board stable with a fuller, more parallel outline, aiding to keep your speed when bottom turning and backside riding in side to side onshore conditions, where turns toward the lip are longer, drawn out, and require more stamina than in side shore locations.

Levi Siver throwing a Goiter on the 2020 Quatro Cube


A full vee bottom with double concaves manifests itself in ultra quick planing and sharp grip in any turn, wide or tight.

I am giving the Cube Pro a Diamond Squash tail for stability and support, as well as to add some comfort along with the intense acceleration this board delivers.

The super refined quad setup provides grip in any section of the wave and at any angle you put the board into. It’s your ticket to snappy turns in small waves and your safety net in big waves, when the slightest chop could otherwise throw you off.

Pro Carbon Monocoque Construction. Available in 75, 82, 87, 93, 98, 106 liters. Short US center and Mini Tuttle side finboxes. Neon lime yellow.

Levi Siver throws a massive air off the lip on the 2020 Quatro Cube



 Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Weight (kg) Rec Sail Tail Fin
75 219 55 36 5.8 3.0 - 5.0 Diamond MFC QS RTM 250 Black, Center US, Side MT
82 220 56.5 37 6 3.4 - 5.3 Diamond MFC QS RTM 300 Black, Center US, Side MT
87 222 58 37.5 6.2 3.7 - 5.5 Diamond MFC QS RTM 300 Black, Center US, Side MT
93 224 59.5 38 6.6 4.0 - 5.7 Diamond MFC QS RTM 350 Black, Center US, Side MT
98 225 60.5 39 6.9 4.5 - 6.0 Diamond MFC QS RTM 350 Black, Center US, Side MT
106 226 62.5 41 N/A N/A Diamond MFC QS RTM 350 Black, Center US, Side MT
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