Redline Alloy Extension- Pin, Skinny, 46cm



This is another ground breaking design from Streamlined. This extension is all small diameter, strictly for RDM and Euro pin connection. This is the first real RDM extension. It is clean, simple and strong. When you rig with your "rReduced Diameter Mast", this extension and our strictly RDM boom head you will have a complete RDM rig. These Red-line extensions start with 32.5 millimeter diameter, 6061 T-8 “drawn” aluminum tubing. . Our tubing is engineered so that with its perfect diameter and wall thickness you get incredible high strength, to low weight ratio. This formula has been proven with our years of experience. The holes are precision punched, then the tube is red anodized in and out, permanent laser numbered 2 centimeter settings. The adjustment settings are held with a hard anodized aluminum collar tethered with a spectra line to a stainless steel pin. Fail-safe and virtually break proof. Finally we attach our new beefy “Power-Six” super powerful 6:1 downhaul cleat with large diameter pulleys perpendicular for power, easy rigging and no crossed lines. An 8-plait, pre-stretch downhaul line is included. Our mechanism that secures onto your Euro pin base is made with precision stainless steel parts and spring. It is easy to use and secure. Streamlined extensions have the only Euro pin system that includes a secondary latch guaranteeing a sure connection [the latch will not set if there is a connection problem such as sand] as well as that it protects against unwanted disconnections. Weight: 649 grams/22.9 ounces Length: 6 to 46 centimeter height adjustment range

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